Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Master Plan?
The current Airport Master Plan is from 2009 and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) encourages Airports to fully update their master plan every seven to ten years or when circumstances dictate. The new Airport Master Plan will identify a 20-year plan for facilities, infrastructure, and land development specific to the needs of the Airport. The planning process is anticipated to take 18 months and be completed with input from the stakeholder committees, as well as the public prior to approval of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority (PMGAA) and submission to the FAA.

How do I get involved?
During the planning process two public information meetings will be conducted to educate and engage the public for input and ideas on proposed development. These meetings will be conducted in an open-house format with information stations and various opportunities for the public to provide input. Opportunities for the public to sign-up and receive email updates will be made available through the Subscribe for Updates page on this website, at public meetings, and through contact with the designated project contacts.

What is the time frame for this project?
Committee members will begin meeting with the Project Team in July of 2018 and it is anticipated that the Airport Layout Plan will be submitted to the FAA in November 2019.

What are the Master Plan stakeholder committees?
A variety of stakeholders will be involved throughout the planning process. Their involvement will be accomplished through committee meetings, public workshops, and other stakeholder specific meetings as needed through the planning process.